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Claiming is the most important way to ensure that your survival experience is grief-protected. The golden shovel and stick are the two tools you'll need for claims. When you first joined the server you would have received the starter kit, which contains these claiming tools. Don't worry about losing them however, as you can always get them again with /kit claim. 

To create a claim, use the golden shovel and right-click opposite corners of the area you'd like to claim. To view your claims, pull out a stick and right-click an area. If that area is one of your claims, the claim borders will highlight momentarily.

When you first join the server, you will start off with 100 claim blocks. There are a few ways to earn more claim blocks. The first is by simply playing; you will earn 30 per hour. The second method is by voting, as the vote crate offers claim blocks as a reward. The third method is by purchasing some on our store.

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