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  • Only 15% of players must be sleeping in order to skip the night. (Only counting people in the overworld, and excludes afk players).

  • The Enderdragon has a small chance of dropping a dragon egg every time it's slain.

  • All mobs have a small chance of dropping their head when killed.

  • You can attach a lead to any mob.

  • Animals on a lead will teleport with you. Just make sure you are standing no more than 3 block apart from it when tping.

  • Custom Nether Portals.

  • Usable emojis in chat. See a list of emojis with /emoji list.

  • Wandering trader offers mini blocks for trade.

  • Fast leaf decay.

  • Husks have a base 50% chance to drop sand when killed by a player. (Also works with looting enchantment).

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