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Moneymaking Guide

Our economy is player-based. This means we do not have an admin shop (/shop economy), the economy revolves completely around the player and some other plugins. Money is still of course very important here, as it is needed for everyday trade and commerce between players, as well as certain interactions with features. This page is here to list all the different and best ways to make money on the server, in one organized place.




Jobs is one of the primary methods of making money on the server. There are plenty of jobs for you to choose from, and you can have three of them active at one time. Jobs aren't limited, they level up as you work on them, in turn gaining you more money. For more info on Jobs, click here.



Quests are another big way of making money on the server. There are over one thousand quests spanning across different categories. Completing a quest will earn you money. You will earn more money for higher tier quests. When you activate a quest there is a time limit, so you should be prepared to complete it, otherwise you’ll have to start that quest over again. Quests aren't limited in terms of usability, but they aren't limitless, think of them as renewable. When you complete a quest, you will have to wait a certain amount of time for it to reset before you can complete it again. (Times specified on the category info). For more info on Quests, click here.




That’s right, voting. Voting is actually a good way of making money on the server. With up to 8 vote keys per day, you can make some pretty good money off of supporting the server. For more info on Voting, click here.


Auction House


The auction house is directly involved with the player economy. You list goods there for other players to buy, and you can buy from others yourself. A simple and easy way to contribute to the economy. For more info on the Auction House, click here.


Player Shops

Player shops are another great way to get involved with the economy. You can set up your shops anywhere you like, and set a pwarp there for more attention. For more info on Player Shops, click here.

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