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Player Shops

Player shops are a great way to contribute to the economy. Player shops have many intuitive, yet made simple features. Most will be described below, however, 95% of all interactions with player shops are through an intuitive GUI.


Creating a Shop


To get started with your shop, simply right-click a slab with a stick, this opens the create shop menu. From there, click the item in your inventory that you would like to sell.


After you’ve selected the item, you’re presented with a few options. From this page you can adjust the buy and sell price and the quantity per transaction. “Buy Price”, (green tile), is what you are selling to the other person. “Sell Price”, (red tile), is what you are buying from the customers. “Quantity”, (yellow tile), is how many items are exchanged per transaction, for both buying and selling.


To make things easier during setup, you can also adjust the change rate, i.e. amount per click. After you are happy with your prices, simply press confirm, and voila, your shop is ready for business! (Don’t worry about making your settings perfect, you can always change them after).


Stocking & Modifying a Shop


Right now though, your shop has 0 items in its stock, so it's time to stock your shop. Simply right-click the shop with anything but a stick, (a stick will bring up the delete menu, more on that later). This will bring up the vendor menu, wherefrom you can deposit and withdraw items from your shop. Shift-clicking works when stocking a shop.


Moving to the right you can find info on your shop, and a modify shop option. Clicking on this will bring you to the initial page when you created your shop, so you can easily modify your shop.


Removing a Shop


To remove a shop, right-click it with a stick. This will bring up the delete menu, with very simple confirm or cancel options. When a shop is removed, all contents will drop on the ground. If the shop is too full however, it will require you to empty it manually so as to not lag the server.


Other Info


  • Shops are completely protected from all forms of griefing, including hoppers and pistons. 

  • The display item on the shop is immune to clearlag.

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