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Seasons are the foundation on which DeltaRealms operates. Seasons keep the server fresh and exciting by bringing an entirely new way to play DeltaRealms each time!

Each Season...

  • Has it's own custom theme. (Ex, Sci-Fi, desert, arctic, futurism, etc...).

  • Has it's own server-wide texture pack to fit the theme.

  • Has a Community Town, (a public /warp), in which everyone can contribute to building sprawling interconnected cities, POIs, shopping districts, infrastructure, landmarks, and so much more!

Seasons last about 5 months. This is not a strict deadline by any means however. The season end date can and will fluctuate based on server activity for the current season.

At the end of each season, the server is fully reset, a season overview view is produced, a world download is shared, and a new season is set into motion.

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