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Starter Guide

When you first join DeltaRealms, you will find yourself at spawn. There are many important things here; like NPCs that are used to access server features, interactive portals, informative holograms, crates, etc… You would have also received your starter kit, equipped with basic gear and claiming tools. (Learn more about claiming here). You also would have noticed that you have a tutorial to complete. It is highly recommended to complete the tutorial as it provides a lot of important information about the server.


Once you're finished with the tutorial, why not join some jobs, or even activate a quest before venturing out into the wild? When you're ready, you can use /wild to get randomly teleported and officially start your adventure!

There are many ways to get around the server, and with that, many places to go. To get back to spawn, use /spawn. There are also POIs and other important places to go, like the community townresource world, player warps, and more! Use /warps to see a list of warps, and use /pwarp to access pwarps. Speaking of player warps, they're great! Everyone has the ability to set one by default. They work just the same as warps, but are set up by players. Some examples of what a player warp might be used for can be player shops, nether highway, or anything else!

If you ever require support, make sure to visit our discord as we offer live ticket support. If you need help with server info or commands, our website has it all!

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